Posted by: naorin0812 | December 1, 2011

“There is a hero if you look inside your heart you don’t have to be afraid of what you are…”

If you want to read a book that you can learn many things from…Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes is just right for you! It’s a book about a girl named Vandra Zandinski who is a girl who goes through the tough but happy school years. She has characteristics that many people have, and she encounters troubles that many people have once experienced before. I guarantee there is some story in the chapter that you feel sympathy to! In each chapter, it’s the good things and bad things that go on in each grade, and as the chapter goes on…Vandra grows up too…

This book is a realistic fiction novel by Stefania Shaffer. I know you haven’t heard of her name before, because she was my seventh grade Language Arts teacher in a small rural city, Burlingame. Throughout the book, Ms. Shaffer shows many lessons that we students should learn before we become adults. The main theme that I think Ms. Shaffer wants to paint in her story is, in life, it’s a natural thing that you struggle and have hard times. Those painful things make happy things even happier. 

In this book, my favorite quote is “Life is precious. Treat people as if there might be no tomorrow.” (p.118) This is a word of one of Vandra’s teachers she had, who was really crucial and mean. One day, he gets into a car accident, and his wife gets a heavy injury. From the day, he changed to a kind person. This quote is always in my heart…to live every day, treating everyone with kindness, so you won’t regret the day when a person ever dies after you did something bad to them!

This is a book that you should read once in your life time!!



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