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84, Charing Cross Road


Do you have a friend who you never met before? “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff is a collection of letters between a writer, Helene Hanff who likes to read more British literature and Frank Doel, one of the staff of MARKS & CO. Helene lives in N.Y.C

and she has many collection of British literature but she is very disappointed to the selection of them in the local library nearby.  One day, she sees ad of the MARKS & CO. says that they specialize in out-of-print books and rare antiquarian books in the Saturday evening post. Helene decided to request for British literature books and wrote a

letter to it. The replier was Frank Doel and from then, they send letters each other for over 20 years. They talked about requests, orders, criticism about a book Frank sent to her. Through these letters, their friendship arisen even though they never seen each other.


This book reminds me of  2 years ago, when I was 5th grade.  One day my mother give me an e-mail of my friend when I was 0-1 years old. Honestly, I and her did’t remember each  other at all so it was like we never met each other like Helene and Frank. Well, in the e-mail, we often ask questions to each other. Because of this, now we really know each  other and became a good friend like Helene and Frank.

Recently, pen-friend on online is popular and many people says that it is not good. Actually for me, it was pretty good because you can naturally open hearts and not be really nervous. Also you can easily say things that you can’t talk face to face.

This is a great non-fiction book that has a unique writing style and it is not too long. I highly recommend this book for people who want to read a new style of book and take a break of other books. It is short so you can finish it very quick! Read this book and enjoy Helene and Frank’s humorous talks



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Easy English and fun and interesting!

What kind of books do you always read?

For me, I am not good at reading English books so I always read easy books.
When I started to read English books, I read a lot of short books.
And this book is the first long English book I have read.
The book title is Middle School Ultimate Showdown written by James Patterson and Julia Bergen.
There are about 250 pages in the book.
This book is like a exchanging journal.
It’s not a story, so I can have a lot of fun.
There are two main characters.
One is a boy and the other is a girl.
The boy’s name is Rafe.
He doesn’t like school so he writes school’s bad points.
It is so fun and I like his personality.
The girl’s name is Georgia.
She is Rafe’s friend.
She is also a little bit weird personality.

I like this book because it is written in easy English and fun and interesting!
So if you are looking for interesting book, please try it!

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A story of one genius girl

MatildaWhat would you do if you were born as a genius? A book I want to recommend you is about a girl who was born as a genius. But adults around her did not admit her talent. How did the world look like to her in such an environment? This is a story that Matilda’s life changes by meeting one teacher.

The main character of this book is a six years old child called Matilda. She was a genius. She was able to read words since she was three years old, and she read all of the books in the library when she was five years old. Normally, parents who have such a genius girl as a daughter will be proud of her. However, her parents are not. They made a fool of her, didn’t give affection for her at all and didn’t treat her as a daughter. Her parents were foolish and nasty adults. But she didn’t give up. She tried to punish them by her clever ideas. For example, she glued super glue on her father’s hat, surprised them by acted like a thief,   discolored her father’s hair in secret, and so on. In this way she was having days to endure a restrained life. When she was six years old, she began to go to school. In the school, she met a teacher called Miss Honey, and this meeting greatly changes her life. Miss Honey was a kind and tender woman. She understood Matilda’s talent and home environment, always cared about her. This was Matilda’s first time to meet such a nice adult. However, school was not so good place for children because of a horrible and violent principal called Miss Trunchbull. And the incident happens…

The reason why I read this book was I had read it once when I was a child, but it was so difficult for me at that time. Recently, I found this book in CC, so I tried to read it again. It wasn’t so hard to read and also this book had a lot of illustrations, so it was easy for me to understand what was happening in the story.

Do you know this book’s author, Roald Dahl? He is a famous author. He is writing a lot of unique and heartwarming books. I think you know the book called “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. That book was written by Roald Dahl, too. I really like his story composition and his choice of words. All of his stories are creative and anyone can enjoy the story. I also want to introduce his other books too! There are many books which were written by him in the CC.

What happened to Matilda in the school and how did she solve the problem? What influence did Miss Honey bring to her? If you want to know the answer or you know the author, please read it! I think his books will get you hooked.














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The Autobiography that is like Fiction

Do you know the book called “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”? It was written by Roald Dahl. I recommend the autobiography he wrote and published. It is called “GOING SOLO”.

It consists of two parts. The first half is memories of his post in Africa. He chose the stories himself carefully. They are funny, and can be thrilling at times. There was couple that walked stark naked on the deck in the early morning. There was a man that revealed his dandruff problem to people around him aboard the ship. In the place of his assignment, a poisonous snake and lion attacked him, so he couldn’t be too careful. The situation took a sudden turn in the second half. He joined the air force, and fought in air battles many times, even as his companions were killed one after another.

There are a lot of pictures in the book.  It was easy to read it. You can read it as testimony of World War Ⅱ. Dahl’s adolescent days were full of ups and downs. It was interesting in patches. Even when he got caught in the jaws of death, he had a natural curiosity. At any rate, he is great fun. If you read it, you will identify with Dahl without your even noticing.

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Mark of the Plague

This book is called “The Assassins Curse” and it is the second book in the “Blackthorn Key” series. It is written by Kevin Sands. This book is a historical-fiction adventure mystery book. It takes place in London. It has a lot of code and puzzles. The main character is Christopher Row who was an apprentice of Master Apothecary Benedict Blackthorn. Master Benedict was died in the first book so Christopher is waiting for a new master. Christopher’s best friend is Tom who is a baker’s son.

Master Benedict liked to hide things in code. Code inside code. In this book Christopher finds out that his master left something special for him. He also left a hint before he died. Christopher is eager to find his master’s treasure. But at the same time a terrible plague spreads all over London and a strange plague doctor comes who can predict where the plague comes to London. At the same time an apothecary who says he has the cure for the plague comes. This story is about Christopher and his friends finding his master’s treasure and finding the truth about the plague doctor.

This book is recommended for people who like adventure or mystery books. I recommend reading the first Blackthorn Key book before reading this book so you can understand the book better. This book’s story is a little complex but most people will understand it.

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Have you ever dreamed of having a supernatural power? 

Switched, by Amanda Hocking

This is a story of an extraordinary girl , who has the power to control people.

Wendy realised that she was different from everyone else , when she was nearly killed by her mother. Her mother, Kim, always treated Wendy harshly, for Kim thought Wendy wasn’t her real child. But as Wendy was growing older, she started to convict that her mother was right.

One night, a strange boy who had just transferred to Wendy’s school, had suddenly appeared to her bedroom’s window and kidnapped her. With this event, her life had changed for 180 degrees.

After being kidnapped to a palace , Wendy was taught about Förening , a home to extraordinary people called trylles, just like her. She also knew that she was even special among those trylles, because she was actually a daughter of Elora, a queen of Förening , which means she’s a princess.

And here started her adventure to become a queen!

I actually love mystery books and I’ve read quite a number of these kinds of books which are famous. But Switched is one of my favourite among those. It includes mystery, adventure, and also a little of romans. Although this book doesn’t include any pictures inside, it’s really interesting and also expressions in this book were really easy to understand. So, I recommend this book to everyone, even those who’ve never read or aren’t interested in mystery books. And for those who’ve never read or not interested, I’m sure this’ll be a good opportunity to start reading a mystery book. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Also check ‘Torn’ and ‘Ascend’, the second and third book of this series, if you are interested.

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TTYL – a book in text!

We are a best buddies! Maddie (mad maddie), Angela (snow angel), and Zoe (zoegirl) are a senior high students. Angela got a boyfriend named Rob. He sounds like he’s a really handsome guy.  Never the less, when Angela were supposed to go on a date with Rob to the church on sunday morning, she have found out that Rob was talking to another girl!! Angela becomes agitated.  Find out how the two of them spend their time at school!

Therefore, Angela doesn’t talk to Maddie nor Zoe on mail anymore because she had some troubles occurred between Rob. Zoe and Maddie are concerned about current Angela’s daily style.

Soon, one of the girls notice that the 26 year old teacher is falling in love to Zoe! Therefore Zoe and the teacher, and few more people go bowling and have a lot of fun!! On the same day, Angela and Maddie are having a date as well. Angela with Rob, Jeanne(the trouble maker) and other boys. Jeanne recently is riding Angela’s car home because she wants to get closer to Rob. Angela does not realize that until…..

Maddie and Zoe are hiding some secrets between them from Angela even though the three of them are best friends. Angela notice that secret but don’t know what they are talking about. Wich makes Angela feel even more upset.

Read the book and see how the three of them spend their school year!!

P.S. this book is situated that all the conversations are talking on a smartphone. This means that there are no narrators. Every time when the chat starts, the year, the date, and the time will be written. You might not think this book is that interesting because it is only talking on a smartphone. But that is totally different!! Once you start reading the book, you will never be able to stop reading this book.

In my opinion I think this book is really a good book because if you live abroad, then you will be able to know how teenagers talk on their smartphones in the native English countries. For example, Talk To You Later is TTYL as it says on the title. There are a lot of slang and abbreviation so you got to know how the life in other countries are like.

Even if you only have few minutes to read, you can read a lot of pages so you can feel relaxed after reading this book!! Please enjoy reading it!!


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Red Thread Sisters 

Red Thread Sisters is written by an author named Carol Antoinette Peacock. This book is a book about friendship, family, and true love, and you can learn some Chinese in this book.Wen the main character has spent her first 11 years in a China orphanage. She has a best friend named Shu ling with a bad leg who she calls her “Mei mei” meaning little sister in Chinese. One day Wen got adopted by a an American family and before she left she promised Shu ling that she would find her a family in America and hey would meet again soon. Her new family was a mom a dad and a little sister named Emily which she had gotten adopted too. When she got to the house, everything was so clean and big. At orphanage they barely gave her any food so she thought that the house won’t give her any food either so after dinner she stole some food. Then her mom noticed so she said ” there is plenty of food in this house you can have it any time”. When her little sister Emily went on the bus Wen thought she was going to but she didn’t so she got sad. She told her mom that she wanted to go to school to but she thought Wen wasn’t ready for it because she didn’t know any English.

One day she told her mom that she was going for a short walk around the neighborhood. So she let Wen go, but what she really was doing is was going to McDonald’s to ask people if they wanted to adopt Shu ling. Because she had a bad leg no one wanted her. After about an hour Wen went home to her mom and dad getting really mad at her, because she didn’t come back and she went so far away. After that she thought her family would give her back to the orphanage. After that she started being really good for the family.

After failing the McDonald’s plan she was thinking about her family adopting Shu ling so she can live with her, but unfortunately her dad lost her job before she could ask and he said “no more extra things” so Wen knew that if she asked they would say no. On thanksgiving day her grandma came over and had a thanksgiving feast. Wen was thinking about Shu ling. She couldn’t help not asking anymore so she gave her self-confidence and asked her family. Wen knew that they we’re going to say no so she was a little sad when she asked, and their answer was “no” because they didn’t have any money after her dad losing his job. You will have to read the book to find or what happens at the end.


This story is a very heart-warming book, and emotional.This book taught me that where ever you go you are still the same as everyone. It also taught me that I should be very thankful that I have a wonderful family and friends and friends and family  that I can rely on.


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Out of My Mind

     This book is called “Out of My Mind” and the main character of this book is Melody. She is not really an ordinary girl. She has cerebral palsy which means she can’t do the things we think is normal doing, like talking or walking. Even though she can’t do those things, she has a photographic memory and is very smart. Melody’s school is entering a quiz competition, and Melody wants to enter the competition. She gets a machine which can talk for her, if she presses the button. Her neighbor, Mrs.Valencia, or Mrs.V helps Melody study. There was one point where Melody gave up because when she got all the answers right using her knowledge, her teachers and classmates thought she cheated. They thought Melody was dumb, and her teacher thought she definitely wouldn’t make it to the quiz team.  Melody gets bullied by a lot of people, like Molly and Claire, and even her teacher! You have to find out if she made it to the quiz team by reading this story!

What I strongly thought when I read this book is that it is wrong to treat people different because of how they look like, or by doing things differently. I think everyone needs to know that even though somebody might me different, everyone has feelings, just like Melody in the story, when the teacher and her classmates hurt her feelings.

My favorite character in the book is Mrs.V. What I like about her is that she has a great personality. She is very positive all the time. She teaches Melody how to do different things, and she gives Melody a lot of opportunities. Mrs.V believes in Melody one hundred percent that Melody is smart, and that she can make the quiz team. Mrs.V inspired me to be positive no matter what happens.

This book is very funny at times, and very emotional. Once you read a page or two, you can’t wait to read what happens next. There is a lot of problems Melody and her family had to face. When you read this book, you can understand what Melody feels like, when her words are trapped inside her head.  I think we all need to understand that there are so much different people in the world, and we have to appreciate them and treat them fairly.


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A Girl With Miracle Power

Have you ever read Roald Dahl’s books? He is one of the famous writers in this world. Also his books are translated in many languages. One of the most favorite book of him is called “Matilda”. I think some of them saw the musical and movie of this book. This is the story of one smart girl.

The main character of this story is one little girl whose name is Matilda. She is in elementary school. She is looks like a normal girl, but she is not. She is too smart. She already read all children books in the library when she was 4 years old and started to read long adult books, too. But her parents don’t like to read, and they think watching TV is more important than reading books. When she started to go to school, she met a teacher called Miss Honey. At school, she learns everything she already knows. But in this school, there is a principal called Miss Trunchbull. She is a bad teacher and many students don’t like her. She started to think of beating Matilda.

I think this book is awesome. I think most people will enjoying reading it. First, I read this book in Japanese and then read it in English. This book is not hard and is the funniest story I ever read! Please read “Matilda”!

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