Posted by: erina23 | December 1, 2011

What does it mean to become normal?

What do you think “normal” means? Do you think “normal” means the same to all the people?

If you’ve always wanted to become normal, or if you’re having hard time thinking about how you’re different from everybody, I recommend Waiting for Normal to you.

           This book is very easy to read, because each chapter is short and filled with various conflicts and feelings. You would just want to keep reading on when you start flipping the pages. Also the English is very easy, so you can concentrate on the story, not the vocabularies. I learned a lot from this book when I was in seventh grade, although the main character is much younger than me.

          Addie is a sixth grader, and she is waiting for normal, as the title says. She thinks she is not normal; her mother has divorced with her second husband, Addie’s two half-sisters were living with their father, and she and her mother moved to a trailer. Throughout this book, Addie’s mother is a really bad model of a mother. She doesn’t do chores, and she doesn’t take care of Addie at all. While Addie is cooking her meal, her mother is playing with her computer. Because her mother is acting like this, Addie’s friends and neighbors sometimes talk about her mother.

          As I read the book, I thought about my life, and how I have been thinking about not being normal. After reading this book, you really feel clear about your life. Also the story is written in Addie’s point of view, so her feelings and thoughts come directly into your heart. I’m sure you would figure out something important for your life after reading this book!

Waiting for Normal [WAITING FOR NORMAL -LIB] [Library Binding]


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