Posted by: daiki39 | December 1, 2011

Real-life Dragons on Earth

              Earth was once ruled by the dragons that lived on it.  As the human race begins to hunt down the dragons, the last dragon Gawain, gives a young girl his fire.  Years have passed and the fire was in the hands of the young girl’s descendants. . . This is how everything started in Chris D’Lacey’s book Fire Star.   If you are the kind of person who gets bored and abandons books Fire Star is the book for you because the book gets more interesting each time you turn the page.

              Fire Star is the third book of the “Last Dragon Series” and is my favorite book in the series.  The book or the series is about a college student, David Rain, home staying in Elizabeth and Lucy Pennykettle’s house.  Elizabeth is a potter who makes unique clay dragons and sells them in the local market, but David finds out that there are special dragons that are kept in the Pennykettle’s house.  The dragons, unlike the ones being sold, are real-life dragons that come to life when their eyes turn violet.  As the story goes on, David finds out more and more secrets behind the dragons and faces many troubles with Elizabeth and Lucy. 

              Fire Star is the third book in the series, so there were some problems that occurred before the story, and the way the first two books connect to it is absolutely amazing.  This is the reason why I wanted to introduce the book.  The first book, The Fire Within, was about the secret of the dragons, and the characters David, Elizabeth, and Lucy living with the dragons.  The Fire Within continues to Icefire, where an evil witch, Gwilanna, comes to steal the icefire(the ingredient that is used to make the special dragons) from the three. These two books then continue to Fire Star, where David continues to write his Arctic Saga that he has been writing since Icefire that includes Gwilanna as one of the characters.  Later David finds out that the Saga he is writing is starting to mirror real life, and has to prevent Gwilanna from making Gawain(the last dragon on Earth) come back to life with the help of the special dragons. 

The events that happened in the books are carried on to the next, making the plot get deeper and deeper, making the story more interesting as the reader continues to read.  So, as I have said earlier, if you are the person who gets bored and abandons books, you will definitely like this book.


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