Posted by: risapyon | December 1, 2011

Secret place hidden in Spain…

Are you having a hard time getting along with your family or friends?

Then, the book that you should read is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

One day, a ten-year-old boy, Daniel Sempere was taken to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books by his father. In this place, he was told to choose a book to keep for himself, so he chose the book called The Shadow of the Wind byJuliánCarax. Later, since Daniel liked the book, he wanted to read more books by the same author so he decided to find more information about Carax. During the investigation, a person calling himself the stranger came by and tried to take his copy of The Shadow of the Wind. Daniel didn’t give him the book and ran away. To figure out whom the stranger was, Daniel continued and got more interested in the research. Throughout the research, he gets into more trouble and faces many problems.

This is a mystery and adventure but there is some romance in it. Daniel falls in love with girls throughout the book and he will learn new information about Carax through them. This book is set in Barcelona, and this book was also first written in Spanish and then got translated into English. Daniel faces many difficulties with his father during his teenage years like many other teenagers. As Daniel spends more time looking for more information about Carax, his relationship with his friend, Tomás, become awkward and complicated.

Even though this book is long and took me a while to read, it had an unexpected ending so I had a great time reading it. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and adventures.

You will be surprised by how this story will end…


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