Posted by: sarat33 | October 12, 2017

Out of My Mind

     This book is called “Out of My Mind” and the main character of this book is Melody. She is not really an ordinary girl. She has cerebral palsy which means she can’t do the things we think is normal doing, like talking or walking. Even though she can’t do those things, she has a photographic memory and is very smart. Melody’s school is entering a quiz competition, and Melody wants to enter the competition. She gets a machine which can talk for her, if she presses the button. Her neighbor, Mrs.Valencia, or Mrs.V helps Melody study. There was one point where Melody gave up because when she got all the answers right using her knowledge, her teachers and classmates thought she cheated. They thought Melody was dumb, and her teacher thought she definitely wouldn’t make it to the quiz team.  Melody gets bullied by a lot of people, like Molly and Claire, and even her teacher! You have to find out if she made it to the quiz team by reading this story!

What I strongly thought when I read this book is that it is wrong to treat people different because of how they look like, or by doing things differently. I think everyone needs to know that even though somebody might me different, everyone has feelings, just like Melody in the story, when the teacher and her classmates hurt her feelings.

My favorite character in the book is Mrs.V. What I like about her is that she has a great personality. She is very positive all the time. She teaches Melody how to do different things, and she gives Melody a lot of opportunities. Mrs.V believes in Melody one hundred percent that Melody is smart, and that she can make the quiz team. Mrs.V inspired me to be positive no matter what happens.

This book is very funny at times, and very emotional. Once you read a page or two, you can’t wait to read what happens next. There is a lot of problems Melody and her family had to face. When you read this book, you can understand what Melody feels like, when her words are trapped inside her head.  I think we all need to understand that there are so much different people in the world, and we have to appreciate them and treat them fairly.



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