Posted by: usajun | November 26, 2011

An Unsightly World

One of my most favorite books would be the classic, famous book of World War II. I was extremely moved as an elementary school student when I read Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl.

Anne Frank was a girl during the second World War that kept her thoughts and experiences in a diary during the period in which she was forced to go into hiding. With honest impressions of her life, the war, her family, and life itself, this book is a strong memento of the strength of human beings and the power of innocent hope.

Although I was about nine or ten years old when I first read the book and I didn’t fully understand all of the situations of the war with my deficient knowledge, the diary also gave me the impression of the helplessness and cruelty of humans beings. I was also disgusted by how barbaric war is. This book has a reason for why it is treasured around the war. It is a constant reminder of the traumatizing World War and of how the victims in war will always be the people. Anne Frank’s spirit despite her experiences gives us courage, even sixty years after the war.

I was shocked when I first read this book to think that a girl just a couple of years older than I could have experienced something like this. It was unimaginable in my peaceful everyday life. Suddenly, I realized that I was taking the life I had for granted. I also was surprised and moved by the spirit of Anne Frank. It made me think about life a lot and it is the book that got me interested in history.

This diary is definitely a book that should be read to new generations so that people do not forget the ugliness of war and the fact that the world was once more unsightly than it is now. There is so much that you can learn in this diary that you will never understand by memorizing history textbooks or historical facts on the internet. Even if you do not care for history or enjoy learning about the World War, I think that this book has a lot to offer to you as a human. It has much more than your history or textbook or teacher will ever contribute. It gives you the chance to face yourself as a person and it gives you the challenge to think about life again. The world cannot afford to have a third World War. It cannot survive another experience like then when the value of human life was so unbelievably cheap. I think that the diary of Anne Frank is a book that proves the undeniably crucial nature of peace and of the effort human beings must make to achieve that eternally far goal.


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