Posted by: moenarita | October 10, 2017

A Girl With Miracle Power

Have you ever read Roald Dahl’s books? He is one of the famous writers in this world. Also his books are translated in many languages. One of the most favorite book of him is called “Matilda”. I think some of them saw the musical and movie of this book. This is the story of one smart girl.

The main character of this story is one little girl whose name is Matilda. She is in elementary school. She is looks like a normal girl, but she is not. She is too smart. She already read all children books in the library when she was 4 years old and started to read long adult books, too. But her parents don’t like to read, and they think watching TV is more important than reading books. When she started to go to school, she met a teacher called Miss Honey. At school, she learns everything she already knows. But in this school, there is a principal called Miss Trunchbull. She is a bad teacher and many students don’t like her. She started to think of beating Matilda.

I think this book is awesome. I think most people will enjoying reading it. First, I read this book in Japanese and then read it in English. This book is not hard and is the funniest story I ever read! Please read “Matilda”!


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