Posted by: harukanagao | October 21, 2017

Have you ever dreamed of having a supernatural power? 

Switched, by Amanda Hocking

This is a story of an extraordinary girl , who has the power to control people.

Wendy realised that she was different from everyone else , when she was nearly killed by her mother. Her mother, Kim, always treated Wendy harshly, for Kim thought Wendy wasn’t her real child. But as Wendy was growing older, she started to convict that her mother was right.

One night, a strange boy who had just transferred to Wendy’s school, had suddenly appeared to her bedroom’s window and kidnapped her. With this event, her life had changed for 180 degrees.

After being kidnapped to a palace , Wendy was taught about Förening , a home to extraordinary people called trylles, just like her. She also knew that she was even special among those trylles, because she was actually a daughter of Elora, a queen of Förening , which means she’s a princess.

And here started her adventure to become a queen!

I actually love mystery books and I’ve read quite a number of these kinds of books which are famous. But Switched is one of my favourite among those. It includes mystery, adventure, and also a little of romans. Although this book doesn’t include any pictures inside, it’s really interesting and also expressions in this book were really easy to understand. So, I recommend this book to everyone, even those who’ve never read or aren’t interested in mystery books. And for those who’ve never read or not interested, I’m sure this’ll be a good opportunity to start reading a mystery book. I’m sure you’ll like it!

Also check ‘Torn’ and ‘Ascend’, the second and third book of this series, if you are interested.


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