Posted by: parkman33 | December 1, 2011

The God’s Son

I read a book called The Lightning Thief.  This book is the most exciting book I read in my whole life, and I am not exaggerating.  When I read a book I always imagine what the story is like by the title of the book.  I thought that this story had no connection with the title, but as I read along, I was astonished.

A boy called Percy is kicked out from many boarding schools because of his behavior during school.  However, his mother isn’t disappointed at all, and she hugs him to her arms.  To get to conclusion, Percy isn’t an ordinary boy.  He is immortal, meaning, he isn’t a human.  To be precise, he is half-blood having a god as a father and having a mother as human.  Immortals aren’t able to live their life as same as the other mortal humans.  This was why Percy was kicked out from many schools.  However, Percy doesn’t know about that he is immortal and that he is wanted to get killed by the monsters.  Meanwhile, the Greek’s Sky God Zeus is very tempered.  His lightning bolt has been stolen by somebody.  This problem can only be solved by Percy and you will know why if you read the book.

Well I think people who are reading my blog here should read this book.  I can’t tell about the book’s story too far because I might spoil and dissolve the astonishment of people who might be reading this book.  The great thing about this book is that it gives you an image in your head about what is happening in the story.  Each time I flipped through the pages my heart pounded faster and faster.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure and fantasy book.



  1. I read the second one and it was a really good book!

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