Posted by: dihshayato0 | October 21, 2017

Easy English and fun and interesting!

What kind of books do you always read?

For me, I am not good at reading English books so I always read easy books.
When I started to read English books, I read a lot of short books.
And this book is the first long English book I have read.
The book title is Middle School Ultimate Showdown written by James Patterson and Julia Bergen.
There are about 250 pages in the book.
This book is like a exchanging journal.
It’s not a story, so I can have a lot of fun.
There are two main characters.
One is a boy and the other is a girl.
The boy’s name is Rafe.
He doesn’t like school so he writes school’s bad points.
It is so fun and I like his personality.
The girl’s name is Georgia.
She is Rafe’s friend.
She is also a little bit weird personality.

I like this book because it is written in easy English and fun and interesting!
So if you are looking for interesting book, please try it!


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