Posted by: rana0918 | October 14, 2017

Red Thread Sisters 

Red Thread Sisters is written by an author named Carol Antoinette Peacock. This book is a book about friendship, family, and true love, and you can learn some Chinese in this book.Wen the main character has spent her first 11 years in a China orphanage. She has a best friend named Shu ling with a bad leg who she calls her “Mei mei” meaning little sister in Chinese. One day Wen got adopted by a an American family and before she left she promised Shu ling that she would find her a family in America and hey would meet again soon. Her new family was a mom a dad and a little sister named Emily which she had gotten adopted too. When she got to the house, everything was so clean and big. At orphanage they barely gave her any food so she thought that the house won’t give her any food either so after dinner she stole some food. Then her mom noticed so she said ” there is plenty of food in this house you can have it any time”. When her little sister Emily went on the bus Wen thought she was going to but she didn’t so she got sad. She told her mom that she wanted to go to school to but she thought Wen wasn’t ready for it because she didn’t know any English.

One day she told her mom that she was going for a short walk around the neighborhood. So she let Wen go, but what she really was doing is was going to McDonald’s to ask people if they wanted to adopt Shu ling. Because she had a bad leg no one wanted her. After about an hour Wen went home to her mom and dad getting really mad at her, because she didn’t come back and she went so far away. After that she thought her family would give her back to the orphanage. After that she started being really good for the family.

After failing the McDonald’s plan she was thinking about her family adopting Shu ling so she can live with her, but unfortunately her dad lost her job before she could ask and he said “no more extra things” so Wen knew that if she asked they would say no. On thanksgiving day her grandma came over and had a thanksgiving feast. Wen was thinking about Shu ling. She couldn’t help not asking anymore so she gave her self-confidence and asked her family. Wen knew that they we’re going to say no so she was a little sad when she asked, and their answer was “no” because they didn’t have any money after her dad losing his job. You will have to read the book to find or what happens at the end.


This story is a very heart-warming book, and emotional.This book taught me that where ever you go you are still the same as everyone. It also taught me that I should be very thankful that I have a wonderful family and friends and friends and family  that I can rely on.



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