Posted by: kankuro3 | October 21, 2017

Mark of the Plague

This book is called “The Assassins Curse” and it is the second book in the “Blackthorn Key” series. It is written by Kevin Sands. This book is a historical-fiction adventure mystery book. It takes place in London. It has a lot of code and puzzles. The main character is Christopher Row who was an apprentice of Master Apothecary Benedict Blackthorn. Master Benedict was died in the first book so Christopher is waiting for a new master. Christopher’s best friend is Tom who is a baker’s son.

Master Benedict liked to hide things in code. Code inside code. In this book Christopher finds out that his master left something special for him. He also left a hint before he died. Christopher is eager to find his master’s treasure. But at the same time a terrible plague spreads all over London and a strange plague doctor comes who can predict where the plague comes to London. At the same time an apothecary who says he has the cure for the plague comes. This story is about Christopher and his friends finding his master’s treasure and finding the truth about the plague doctor.

This book is recommended for people who like adventure or mystery books. I recommend reading the first Blackthorn Key book before reading this book so you can understand the book better. This book’s story is a little complex but most people will understand it.


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