Posted by: Sarah | March 8, 2011

Click on this Clique!

A runaway best seller among teens and tweens, the Clique series was popular with a lot of students this year.  A few students did great commercials for this book, pointing out that the message about friendship takes more than one book in the series to come out, but that in the movie it is very explicit. 

 Yuki T. made a fabulous power point presentation of the book with a great soundtrack and scenes from the movie. Please have a look and leave her a comment!

Click here to see it: The Clique



  1. wow yuki’s powerpoint is really nice…
    great job! i think i’ll read the book 🙂

  2. I am glad you had a look! I noticed that the music and one of the images does not seem to be working, but that is ENTIRELY MY FAULT. The one Yuki put in the class folder was perfect. Sorry Yuki!

    People seem to be looking and commenting on each other’s work quite a bit, and there are comments from the worldwide community as well! I hope the site helps people find more and more wonderful books to read! Some books from the Clique series are available from the English Dept. collection in the teachers’ room now. Check them out today!!

  3. Luh-ve that series!

    XOXO Mass

  4. Hi, this entry really made me want to read this book. I really think friendship is important 🙂 I’m thinking of reading the series from the start. Although friendships between girls and friendships between boys are very different. Moreover, the culture between America and Japan is very different, too, but it is still interesting.

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