Posted by: misabali | November 30, 2011

A dreaded summer turned upside down into a lifetime memory…

Who knows what will occur throughout life? When life itself is an unpredictable matter.

This summer I read a book called The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. It was the first time I read one of his novels, but I was glued to it as soon as I started reading. I can say that  it’s now one of my favorite books.

 A rebellious 17-year-old girl, Veronica “Ronnie” is forced to spend the summer with her brother Jonah at her father’s house in North Carolina. The problem is that Ronnie has a feeling of severe hatred towards her father for divorcing her mother and abandoning the family. Ever since, she has changed as a person and so has her life. During the summer Ronnie makes the wrong friends, gets involved into trouble and messes up, but also falls in love for the first time. I thought an unexpected love is always exciting to have in a story. As the days of the summer go by, the deep hole in the relationship between Ronnie and her father starts to fade and she realizes her father’s kindness towards her and Jonah. He had never said a word or got angry at them no matter what. Why? You can find out for yourself later on in the story. A loving, but painful hidden truth in which will move you to tears. In the end, the Summer that Ronnie had dreaded is then nowhere to be seen.  

  Imagine being in Ronnie’s position and in the same situations. How would you feel? How would you act? Once in a while it’s always interesting to try catching the story from the characters point of view. And I think this is the perfect book to do so. It lets you think in many directions while getting the chance to explore through your own thoughts and feelings. As Ronnie did in the story, you will also realize the true value and importance of our relationships with the ones who we really love and that mean the most to us.

 The Last Song is a novel variously contented with, teenage rebellion, adolescence, love, family, experience, reality, nature, human relationships, and life lessons. For those who are looking for a heartwarming story I suggest you pick this one and I’m sure that you will enjoy it as much as I did!


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