Posted by: momocan3 | October 17, 2017

TTYL – a book in text!

We are a best buddies! Maddie (mad maddie), Angela (snow angel), and Zoe (zoegirl) are a senior high students. Angela got a boyfriend named Rob. He sounds like he’s a really handsome guy.  Never the less, when Angela were supposed to go on a date with Rob to the church on sunday morning, she have found out that Rob was talking to another girl!! Angela becomes agitated.  Find out how the two of them spend their time at school!

Therefore, Angela doesn’t talk to Maddie nor Zoe on mail anymore because she had some troubles occurred between Rob. Zoe and Maddie are concerned about current Angela’s daily style.

Soon, one of the girls notice that the 26 year old teacher is falling in love to Zoe! Therefore Zoe and the teacher, and few more people go bowling and have a lot of fun!! On the same day, Angela and Maddie are having a date as well. Angela with Rob, Jeanne(the trouble maker) and other boys. Jeanne recently is riding Angela’s car home because she wants to get closer to Rob. Angela does not realize that until…..

Maddie and Zoe are hiding some secrets between them from Angela even though the three of them are best friends. Angela notice that secret but don’t know what they are talking about. Wich makes Angela feel even more upset.

Read the book and see how the three of them spend their school year!!

P.S. this book is situated that all the conversations are talking on a smartphone. This means that there are no narrators. Every time when the chat starts, the year, the date, and the time will be written. You might not think this book is that interesting because it is only talking on a smartphone. But that is totally different!! Once you start reading the book, you will never be able to stop reading this book.

In my opinion I think this book is really a good book because if you live abroad, then you will be able to know how teenagers talk on their smartphones in the native English countries. For example, Talk To You Later is TTYL as it says on the title. There are a lot of slang and abbreviation so you got to know how the life in other countries are like.

Even if you only have few minutes to read, you can read a lot of pages so you can feel relaxed after reading this book!! Please enjoy reading it!!



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