Posted by: kirafuji | November 28, 2017

84, Charing Cross Road


Do you have a friend who you never met before? “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff is a collection of letters between a writer, Helene Hanff who likes to read more British literature and Frank Doel, one of the staff of MARKS & CO. Helene lives in N.Y.C

and she has many collection of British literature but she is very disappointed to the selection of them in the local library nearby.  One day, she sees ad of the MARKS & CO. says that they specialize in out-of-print books and rare antiquarian books in the Saturday evening post. Helene decided to request for British literature books and wrote a

letter to it. The replier was Frank Doel and from then, they send letters each other for over 20 years. They talked about requests, orders, criticism about a book Frank sent to her. Through these letters, their friendship arisen even though they never seen each other.


This book reminds me of  2 years ago, when I was 5th grade.  One day my mother give me an e-mail of my friend when I was 0-1 years old. Honestly, I and her did’t remember each  other at all so it was like we never met each other like Helene and Frank. Well, in the e-mail, we often ask questions to each other. Because of this, now we really know each  other and became a good friend like Helene and Frank.

Recently, pen-friend on online is popular and many people says that it is not good. Actually for me, it was pretty good because you can naturally open hearts and not be really nervous. Also you can easily say things that you can’t talk face to face.

This is a great non-fiction book that has a unique writing style and it is not too long. I highly recommend this book for people who want to read a new style of book and take a break of other books. It is short so you can finish it very quick! Read this book and enjoy Helene and Frank’s humorous talks




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