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Life can change…with a ghost’s help!

Want a new friend? How about an invisible friend only YOU can see or hear?

Lara Lington holds a headhunting business with her business partner Natalie. However, her work is going down, because Natalie had gone on a vacation to Goa, leaving everything behind on Lara. How about love? Lara was dumped by her boyfriend Josh without knowing the reason and Lara can’t forget about him. With her active imagination she thinks that Josh still really loves her, but had to break up for some reason that he couldn’t do anything about it. She is thought of as a crazy girl by her parents.

So, Lara’s life is miserable. Her life is even miserable for going to a funeral of her 105 years old great-aunt that she have never met in her life. However at the funeral, a mighty spirit of Lara’s great aunt appears and begs Lara to find her necklace!

Sadie is the ghost’s name, and her appearance is a young girl in her twenties. Lara thinks she had gone crazy, for only she could see or hear her. Sadie pulls out many troubles, but as they get along Lara’s life makes a great change from miserable to glamorous, such as…..having Josh’s love back to her life!

An invisible friend won’t be something you could have in a normal life. However, Lara and Sadie’s friendship is something that everyone would want. The way they are humorous, caring, and understanding makes you feel how friends are important in your life. If you would like a little shine in your life, this story leaves you warmth in your heart.

This novel is written by the author Sophie Kinsella, famous for her various chick-lit novels, especially the Shopaholic series. If you have read her other books, Twenties Girl is just as humorous and full with adventures and romances as her other novels!

I recommend this to girls who like light-reading comical story, but includes adventure and romance, and makes you unable to stop your fingers to turn the page! This book makes you feel how facing forward and doing crazy things can sometimes (not always!) change your life in a great way.

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Vioces from Mixed-race People

How would you feel if you were asked “what are you”? I think most of the people would take it as an insult, because it seems like you aren’t being seen as human. However this is a phrase many of the mixed-race people have experienced being asked.

ixed-race people have gone through many unpleasant experiences other than this. For example often being guessed where his/her parents are from because of their rare skin color. These questions have made some of them become tired of explaining their difficult family blood.

The book I would like to introduce is “What Are You?” by Pearl Fuyo Gaskins. Pearl Gaskins has grown up as a child of a Japanese-American mother and a European-American father and have struggled through her life. From her experiences she determined to write this book to encourage many children that are having similar problems like her. The book has many voices from people all around the world Pearl Gaskins interviewed.

I think it is so sad that these people have lost the strength to explain their identity, which is something that expresses you. Also it is wrong that a world you can’t be confident with yourself has been created.

This book is very interesting to read for any age. This might make you consider your own behavior towards the mixed-race people often, and you can learn many from the mixed-race people’s voices you have never heard before. I would recommend this book especially to those who are mixed-race because I think some of the stories would relate to your experiences.

I hope many people would read this book and feel something from it.

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Living as a Slave

Have you ever thought about how horrible your life is? Well you should compare your life with Mende Nazer. She was abducted by Arabic raiders when she was 12 years old. Her village was attacked and she saw people that she knew get killed. She was taken away from her village and she spent 7 years working as a slave. She was treated horribly. She was harassed, beaten, treated like an outcast, and she had her freedom taken away. This book is a true story written by her and it is about how she worked hard throughout her life as a slave so she can one day live to be free so she can go back to her village. I strongly recommend this book called Slave.

Mende Nazer was abducted from her village called Nuba in 1993, which is very recent. Before I read this book, I thought that slavery took place in the 1800s but now I know that it still takes place now. This book has four parts to this book. The first part is about how Mende grew up in her village with her family. The second part is about what she did as a slave. This part is my favorite part of the book because she fights to survive. At first, she gave up on her life but later in this part, she started to think about freedom. She wanted to live so she can be free. The third part of the book is about she went to London to work as a slave to someone else but she gets treated a lot better in London unlike Khartoum, which is the capital of Sudan. You have to read the book to find out about the last part of the book. This book has depressing parts were you will feel sad about Mende, but her going to England makes this book not as depressing as before. This book made me realize that when you go through hard times in life, everything will be alright in the end, and to think positively in life.

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You won’t regret reading it!


What would you do, if you lost your parents? Would you find another family that would nurture you? Or would you live by your own?

The main character in this book, Water for Elephants did not do any of them from the top, but decided to join the circus group.

This book starts out with the main character, Jacob Jankowski, in his 90’s. He is in his nursing home and is in bed remembering about his days at the circus because about the circus was the hottest topic at the nursing home. Then, he falls asleep and the next chapter, he is a college student. The story goes on by his parents passing away, jumps on the train, and meets people from the circus.

Throughout his life in the circus, he meets new people who become his great partners, thrilling adventure, and love.

I was recommended this book by my friend, but at first, I didn’t think this would be a great book. I didn’t think story about a boy being in circus would be good at all, but I was totally wrong. The author, Sara Gruen, catches the reader’s attention good that makes the reader one of the characters in the book.

I really recommend this book because this book is too great of a book to stop. It is very unpredictable that the reader will not know what will happen. Especially the ending is shocking!! This book includes action, thriller, sorrow, and romance. If you are interested in any of them, pick up the book and start reading them. I also recommend to people who hate to read because this book is pretty easy of content and is a mixture of many, so the reader will find the best genre you would like.

This book is very exciting that the reader will NOT be able to put the book down. If you haven’t read it already, find the book and start reading them.

This is also made into a movie, so if you don’t want to read, why not try watching it first and challenge the book?

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“Don’t Panic”

To put it simply, Douglas Adams mixes aliens with Englishmen, adds a cupful of arithmetic and serves it in a bowl labeled “comedy”. The aptly titled The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the first book in the extremely popular series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Originally a radio comedy, the series quickly gained much success in its home country of the UK and was met with international acclaim.

The story kicks off with a big bang as Arthur Dent, an ordinary Englishman, hears some worrying news from his friend: Earth is going to be destroyed. The friend, Ford Perfect, the alien editor for the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (a  guide for hitchhikers, its notable feature being the words “Don’t Panic” printed on the cover in large, friendly letters), gets them off the planet just before the destruction by hitching a ride from some aliens.  The pair are soon ejected into space, only to be rescued by the Heart of Gold, a space cruiser that was stolen and is manned by Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Galaxy, his girlfriend Trillian, an earthling, and Marvin the Paranoid Android, a paranoid android. The story follows the group as Zaphod forcibly leads them on a mission to find Magrathea, the “most improbable planet that ever existed”.

This book is hilarious and I personally enjoyed reading it. The entire story is littered with nonsense and English grammar. This book is actually the very book that sparked my love for the English use of words, such as “fetchingly redesigned”. Several breaks from the main plot are filled with pure ridiculousness, such as how dolphins managed to escape Earth before its destruction by their own means or how mice are the ones who made the Earth. Those of you who like the humor in Harry Potter and are fond of good old nerdy sci-fi fiction, like me, this is the book for you. But those who are into serious, manly, laser-blazing space action and cannot stand people who can’t seem to take anything seriously, this is NOT the best book to read

I don’t really think this book is a sort of inspiring, life-changing book. Instead of being an inspiration, I think that this book is simply a book to enjoy on one those long hot summer days or the cold winter nights when you don’t feel like getting out of bed.

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Being a Princess

Princess Diaries

Did you ever wanted to be a princess?
I think becoming a princess was one of your dreams when you were a little girl.

Mia is a normal girl who finds out that her father is a prince of Genovia.
She has many difficulties being a princess.
No wonder, she was a normal teenager just the day before.

Throughout the story, Mia changes and so does grandma.
They are great friends and a teacher.

Like it says in the title, it’s a diary so doesn’t make you feel like you’re reading chapter to chapter. So, if you get tired of reading hard books or doesn’t really like to read, this book might be a book to start out.

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Above and Beyond _The Kite Runner_

Without doubt, The Kite Runner is one of the most memorable books in Doshisha International high school 12th grader’s high school life in many ways. The book that I want to introduce is called The Outsiders. This book is Newbury Award Winner, and the story of this book has strong story that surpasses the drama in Afghanistan.

This story is about the teenage gangsters in 1960s America. These teenagers are not completely mature. They make mistakes, and as the events go by, teenagers are learning the real meaning to be mature. The setting is very different from our environment and unrealistic, but the way characters feel is very sympathetic. In the end they realize that their conflicts are all useless, but by then, they lose many important things. The message that author wants to tell to us is that we are young, and we act many mistakes, but we have to think and be like a true mature adult before we lose something.

If you are tired of listening or learning about the history of Middle East, you must read this masterpiece. This will be a book that will be widely known for centuries. (Seriously!)

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“Caught Between Two Cultures”

         Have you ever felt as if you were a foreigner in your own country? Kyoko Mori did. She didn’t like her home country. She didn’t sit there and whine about it though, she was smart enough to crack her shell and explore the unknown to find her own world. She now lives as a proud Japanese-American in the United States. Polite Lies is her story of her true feelings towards Japan, where she was born and raised. Read More…

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A Classic Love Novel

In need to find a good classic book? Do you think classic books are hard to read? If you are one of those people, this is the book for you.

The book, A Room with a View, is one of the best classic English books. Published in 1908 by E.M. Foster, the book is a love novel, about Lucy Honeychurch, a woman living in the narrow controlled culture of Edwardian England in the early 20th century, and her life adventure trying to overcome the difficult and complicated conflict between what she wants and what society expects of her.

The story starts out with Lucy, a woman from a family of a respected upper social class, one day deciding to go to Italy with her cousin Charlotte Bartlett, on a vacation. She meets there a man named George Emerson from a lower social class, by his looks and actions, which change her colorless life forever.

In this novel, E.M Foster has many themes and messages to the society. He talks about feminism, religion, freedom, and more importantly, true love. At first, it seems like a challenging book. However, the novel being a love novel makes it easier to understand the theme and the historical facts in the novel, such as the social classes and the public

I strongly recommend this book to everyone. From this book, you can learn many things. A Room with a View introduces you to the history of England. You can also see the different stereotypes of a man and woman. Before I read this novel, inside me was the thought that classic books are hard to read. However after reading this, I now feel like challenging more classic books. This book is really a page turner, and I truly hope that the people who read this book learn and get new views.

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Looking for a Little Laugh and Romance?

Are you a teenage girl looking for a little laugh and romance?

Then The Princess Diaries is for you!

This is a book which my friend strongly recommended me to have a read. It was really enjoyable, and I gained a lot from it.

The book is about a teenage girl called Mia, who has just found out that she is the princess of a small country.

Knowing that, she has to take lessons to act like a princess, pass algebra which she really hates, and she also has to hide who she really is from her friends.

She faces lots of problems throughout the book, and each time she notes it in her diary.

For example, Mia was extremely shocked to hear the fact that her mother and her algebra teacher have fallen in love. If they get together, it will be a worst situation for her since she hates studying, especially algebra. 

 She also has lots problems with her boyfriend she has to deal with.

I really loved the way how Mia dealt with those problems.

The book also teaches us how good friendship can be. Her best friend, Lilly, is highly intelligent and always helps Mia go through her problems.

Their friendship made me realize that the friends I have are all so precious.

You may have suspected from the title, but the book is written as Mia’s diary.

I like the way it’s written because it makes me feel as though I am listening to my friend talking. I’m not friends with any of the princesses in the world of course, so everything Mia tells us through her diary is new to me.

The story is full of twists and fascinating details as well as excellent characters.

Its characters and plot pull you into the story and it’s very hard to put down. I would recommend this book to any teenager who is the mood for a laugh and a little romance.

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