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Here, have a $1,000,000.

When we were little, all of us dreamed about the same thing at least once. “What if I had a million dollars?” In fact, some of us still might be dreaming about it even at my age. Even if you don’t, you’ll have a great time reading Millions by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

In this book, Frank makes that dream come true to a boy named Damian. A bag full of money flies out of a passing train into the hands of Damian, who thinks that it’s a gift from God. He shows it to his brother, Anthony, who plans to use it for his own benefit, such as to bribe the other kids at his school to become his bodyguards, so that he’d look like the “popular kid” in his school. Damian, on the other hand, plans to use the money to help the poor and the needy. He buys a flock of birds just to free them back into the wilderness and puts a thousand dollars in the school’s donation can, which will be used to help poor children. However, a robber comes looking for the money bag. He was to millionsretrieve the stolen money when it was thrown out of the train. That’s when he meets Damian, who thinks that the robber is a poor man and tells him that he has a lot of money… I would like for you to read and find out on your own what happened after that to this innocent, honest young boy.

This book made me feel like a child again, the way it made me think about what I’d do if I had a million dollars. I probably will be more like Anthony and use it all for my own benefit. I’m sure all the readers will think about the same thing, the same way they thought about it when they were young and innocent.

Towards the end of the book, Damian talks with the ghost of his mother. He asks her what the greatest miracle was that happened to her in her life, since to Damian, it was the bag of money falling onto him. He couldn’t imagine a miracle any greater. However, his mother replies that the greatest miracle that’s ever happened to her was Damian, her son. Damian breaks out in tears when he hears this.

As you can see, this book makes you feel like a child again, and at the same time, it makes you feel the warmth of the existence of a mother, which is also something we all felt frequently when we were a little child. This amazing book makes us realize what we tend to forget as we grow older and away from our parents. Read it and find out for yourself what you left behind in the times of childhood.

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Morrie’s Life Lesson


 One of the greatest non-fiction book, Tuesdays with Morrie contains a lot of elements that make it fascinating to the readers. This book is based on author’s real experience and makes us think deeply about our life.

 Morrie and his student, Mitch Albom, were in a good relationship, but they stopped having contact after Mitch’s graduation. Several years later, Mitch happens to know that Morrie had gotten disease that makes his body unable to move and eventually die. Even though Mitch had not been in touch with him for sixteen years, he visited his professor. Seeing his weakened body, Mitch continued visiting him, and Morrie started to teach life lessons using his limited time.

 The interesting point in this story is that the author describes his own growth through the story while he describes Morrie’s changes in his condition at the same time. There are a lot of things that we can learn from this book, especially importance of love. I want you to pay attention to these points and enjoy reading this book.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

The world of professional soccer is a very competitive and overwhelming place, none of us can imagine what it would be like to play there. However in his autobiography, Steven Gerrard tells us the full on experience about playing in the premier league and the national team. As a child he was good at soccer but failed to enter club teams; eventually the Liverpool FC coach saw his talents and he was able to enter professional soccer. Gerrard went through several injuries, which endangered his career as a soccer player, but he was able to overcome them. He also talks about his wife and family members who helped get through the bad temptations when becoming a celebrity.

I personally enjoyed this book and felt I could relate to some parts in the book. At the time I was reading this, I had a broken arm and was out from playing soccer for a while, but Gerrard taught me that nothing stops people from playing when they really love the sport. His autobiography inspired me to become a better player and become more passionate for soccer.

I would recommend this to anyone who plays a sport especially soccer. The book is written from Gerrard’s point of view so you can understand everything that Gerrard had to go through. We do not often get to experience the world of professional soccer but this allows us to get a near first hand experience

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How to enjoy your life..

The book I’ll like to introduce to you all is a well-known book called How Starbucks Saved My Life. The main theme of this book is how to enjoy your life by changing the way of thinking. After reading this book, it really taught me a good lesson and changed my way of thinking towards life.

The main character of this book is named Gill and he had a very busy job and all that meant for him was his job. He was so busy, he barely had time to meet his own children. However, after losing his one and only desire of his life, Gill did not know what to do. One day he walked into a cafe called ‘Starbucks’ and got hired. This is where his way of thinking will start to dramatically change. Gill was the type of person who always worked in the office and never thought about the people in lower classes than him. He had never cleaned up an office by himself, because there was always somebody to do it for him. Therefore he did not know the importance and the effort which you need for cleaning. But know he has to do all the cleaning for the store. This was quite challenging for him at first but things became to slowly change.

I don’t want to spoil the book so I won’t tell you everything about the book but I can promise you that you will enjoy this book and your ways of thinking will change in a good way. As I said before this book is not just a good read, but it also has a great message in the book so I hope many of you will give it a try. I hope you readers will all enjoy this book and learn from it, just like I did. Thanks for reading.

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The Innocent Man

I would like to recommend this book, ‘The Innocent Man’. This is a non-fiction based on a man called Rom Williamson who was accused for murder.

Ron Williamson was a famous person in Ada in Oklahoma for being a great athlete, and he was playing in the New York Yankee’s minor league team. However, he did not have enough abilities to play in the big leagues and unfortunately he gets cut from his team.  Getting annoyed and stressed with his situation, he starts drinking, drugging and bar hopping. Being arrested several times, Ron became famous again in Ada for a different reason.

One day a women who live near Ron was raped and murdered. Ron was suspected as he was known as a strange person who had been arrested several times. Ron had not committed murder, but this all happened before DNA evidence was used, so there were no evidence to help him out.

I am a very slow reader and I do not really like reading, but I have managed to read this novel in a high pace. This is a very thrilling book which makes you think about false accusation. I would recommend this book to anyone.

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Never forget the day, when suddenly the world changed.

“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” This is the one of the memorable words that main character, Oskar Schell said in the book. This is a fictional story based on 9.11 incident in 2001. Oskar and his family is the casualty of 9.11. Oskar’s has lost his beloved father in the world trade center attack and now lives with his mother. After two years passed from the 9.11, he found a key with a note that said “Black” in father’s study room. From this day, his exploring starts in the city of Manhattan to find where the key belongs. Oskar faces with many unforgettable encounters during the adventure and his character development is very intense. As nine years old boy, he had suffered many pangs. His biggest suffer that turned out as long-term trauma was the memory of dad’s last call from the world trade center.

The intersection of Oskar’s grief and his grandfather’s woe is an important key in this story. Although it is set in modern days, the chapters flow alternately with Oskar’s story and the grandfather’s story in Dresden during the war.

Historically, only a short time has passed since 9.11. The scar of all the families who lost fathers, mothers and children are never eased. The author doesn’t use cheap sentimentalism to draw in the readers. He tries to tell the reality of a tragic event but does not mean to make us reader to feel sympathy for it.

This is not a difficult read, but a challenging one that is tough in places, as it is three different stories narrated from three different voices, all in first person. All three stories are shuffled together to establish a one deep story. It may be confusing where there are also blank pages, pages of nothing but numbers, pages of scribbles…. And many other “weird” pages in the book. However if you think this as the author’s device, it is acceptable and interesting.

Overall, this is an amazing book and I would like to recommend everyone to have a try reading. The story will take you into the mind of Oskar Schell and the hearts and homes of wide New York City. You will face with the truth of the Dresden fire bombing, the nuclear strike on Hiroshima and at last, the attacks upon the World Trade Center. It is filled with love, betrayal, abandonment, pain and heartache. The themes seem to be heavy but it is not a sad story. The book, “EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE” by Jonathan Safran Foer is a story of a boy who overcomes his sad memories.

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Read, learn, feel and CRY.

Who knew that a book can actually make you cry? Some books, in fact many books, can make one cry inside. However, not one could make you believe in the power of words like this book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. The thousand words in this book are sure to bring actual tears to your eyes.

A Thousand Splendid Suns will take you to the world of Afghanistan. A world where women were discriminated and treated very cruelly, as if they were not even human. This book will take you to the Afghanistan in the eyes of two women, Mariam and Laila.

A Thousand Splendid Suns is about Mariam, who suffers all through her childhood for being born a “harami”, the Islamic word for “unwanted”. Her mother commits suicide, her father betrays her, and she is forced to marry a man whose name was all she knew. In addition to that, she is infertile which irritates her husband Rasheed, and brings back his brutality.

Then one day, her life is completely turned around by her encounter with a little girl named Laila. It was she who introduced her to love, which Mariam was denied of all her life. Moreover, it was she who finally let her free, and made her see that she was a woman of a free will.

What is sacrifice?

The dictionary states that it is “the fact of giving up something important or valuable to you in order to get or do something that seems more important”, but it is so much deeper than that.

What is justice?

Is it justice to execute a person who had taken the life of another?

Now why not let A Thousand Splendid Suns guide you the way to the true meanings of these words today?

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Invited to an island called “Indian Island”…

Have you ever met a book that made it difficult to stop reading? Or a book that made you want to introduce it to others?


And Then There Were None by Mystery’s No.1 bestselling author, Agatha Christie, would be a best book to read if you never met one of those books.

 In the beginning, Lawrence Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, General Macarthur, Emily Brent, Anthony Marston, Doctor Armstrong, and William Blore were invited to an island called, “Indian Island.” They soon learned that their hosts are currently away. In each room, each guest finds a copy of nursery rhyme “Ten Little Indians” hanging on the wall. Also, they find a number of Indian figures on the dining table, representing each guest. The eight guests realized that they are tricked, and going to be murdered one by one, each death paralleling a verse of the nursery rhyme, with one of the figures being removed after each murder.

 When I finished reading the book, I was very surprised and shocked. It reminded me not to do bad things because it will always return to you. Of course, the book has a twisted ending. Anyone who wants thrill and suspense, And Then There Were None would be the best book to read in your life!

 Also, a movie came out in 1974, so it might be interesting to try both the book and the movie. The different ending will amaze you more!

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We All Have Secrets

Have you had any secrets? Yes? Then go ahead and read this book. No? Well, still go and read this book.

What My Mother Doesn’t Know is written by Sonya Sones, and its genre is romance. This book is written in free verse, and it’s very easy to read for any people. It is also written in journal form. If you are tired of reading thick 400 page books, then here’s the perfect book for you! Even if you are not the best reader, you’ll become crazy and read this book like how I was. 

Sophie is just a regular girl who attends to a normal public school. She is just likes one of us. Sophie is surrounded by parents who overprotect Sophie, friends who always talks about boys, and many other people. However, sometimes those people interferes you when you are in love, especially love that Sophie had.

The story starts with the scene where Sophie gets dumped by her current boyfriend Lou. Then she starts to look out for another love, and she soon go out with another guy.

Girls might get sympathized by Sophie’s thoughts and feelings. It is very realistic, and because Sophie is a regular girl just like us, you can feel as if you are being Sophie.

What My Mother Doesn’t Know is written by Sophie’s point of view, so you won’t see other people’s point of view. However, there’s a sequel of this book called What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know which is written by a boy’s point of view. I can’t say who that boy is, but you’ll see after reading What My Mother Doesn’t Know.

I recommend this book more to girls, because girls understand Sophie’s feelings more than boys. However, if you are a boy and want to read this, no problem! It may help you understand how girl’s feelings.

What this book taught me is “don’t judge people by their looks”. It’ll all make sense after reading What My Mother Doesn’t Know.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions! I’ll love to answer them.

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If you like mystery books…

If you like mystery books, you might have picked this book up at least once. It’s called “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Conan Doyle. It’s one of the most famous mystery books written in the 1930’s.

This story is about a detective named “Sherlock Holmes” and his assistant Dr. Watson. Mainly, the book is written in Dr. Watson’s view point, so as a reader you would feel as if you’re in the position of Watson. I like the style of Sherlock Holmes series because it’s written in the position of who is not actually solving the mystery. Dr. Watson tries to solve the mystery on his own way with the same evidence that is given to the readers, which is a factor in this book that I think it makes people attractive to read on!

This book’s reading level is bit high, because it’s written in old English literature and also in Britten English. But as a reader, I didn’t find those factors getting in to the way of reading! So I strongly recommend this book, if you like reading mystery books, or even if you’re not interested in reading them, I would recommend to you since it’s a very well thought-out story!

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