Posted by: rina1018 | December 8, 2011

The Innocent Man

I would like to recommend this book, ‘The Innocent Man’. This is a non-fiction based on a man called Rom Williamson who was accused for murder.

Ron Williamson was a famous person in Ada in Oklahoma for being a great athlete, and he was playing in the New York Yankee’s minor league team. However, he did not have enough abilities to play in the big leagues and unfortunately he gets cut from his team.  Getting annoyed and stressed with his situation, he starts drinking, drugging and bar hopping. Being arrested several times, Ron became famous again in Ada for a different reason.

One day a women who live near Ron was raped and murdered. Ron was suspected as he was known as a strange person who had been arrested several times. Ron had not committed murder, but this all happened before DNA evidence was used, so there were no evidence to help him out.

I am a very slow reader and I do not really like reading, but I have managed to read this novel in a high pace. This is a very thrilling book which makes you think about false accusation. I would recommend this book to anyone.


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