Posted by: yamaya4 | December 1, 2011

What goes wrong with everyone being glamorous and gorgeous?

“Uglies” written by Scott Westerfeld is the book taking place in a dystopian society. In the society, children under sixteen years old are called “Uglies”. When they turn to sixteen years old, they have to take operation to turn to be like supermodel, “Pretties”. Tally, a teenage girl who is Uglies can’t wait to be Pretties. However, her friend, Shay, isn’t sure if she wants to be Pretties because she knows the operation changes not only face and body, but also the brain too. While doctors change people’s faces, they also put lesions in the brain. The lesions make people pleasant and avoid fights. Shay risks her life to get out of the society and live the life in outside. After Shay runs away, the group of people, “Special Circumstance”, who controls everything in the society, asks Tally to go looking for Shay or she can’t be Pretties. She has to decide whether she will be Pretties or betray her friend.

This book is the first book of the New York Times bestselling series. The series includes four books in total. I recommend this book to people who love science fiction. The book also contains love romance so people who like love story might find this interesting.



  1. Just finished this book and it’s sequel, Pretties. It took me a bit to get into it at the beginning; the pace seemed too fast (but I reminded myself it is for young audiences and kept reading). But now I’m hooked and have eagerly picked up the 3rd book, Specials. Too excited to find out what happens next and keep on reading!

  2. I just finished the first 3. I was debating reading the additional book when I read that it is about the future concept of what is known today as internet fame.

    Totally awesome concept. Now I’m definitely picking it up and looking forward to reading it too!

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