Posted by: aoi0517 | December 1, 2011

We All Have Secrets

Have you had any secrets? Yes? Then go ahead and read this book. No? Well, still go and read this book.

What My Mother Doesn’t Know is written by Sonya Sones, and its genre is romance. This book is written in free verse, and it’s very easy to read for any people. It is also written in journal form. If you are tired of reading thick 400 page books, then here’s the perfect book for you! Even if you are not the best reader, you’ll become crazy and read this book like how I was. 

Sophie is just a regular girl who attends to a normal public school. She is just likes one of us. Sophie is surrounded by parents who overprotect Sophie, friends who always talks about boys, and many other people. However, sometimes those people interferes you when you are in love, especially love that Sophie had.

The story starts with the scene where Sophie gets dumped by her current boyfriend Lou. Then she starts to look out for another love, and she soon go out with another guy.

Girls might get sympathized by Sophie’s thoughts and feelings. It is very realistic, and because Sophie is a regular girl just like us, you can feel as if you are being Sophie.

What My Mother Doesn’t Know is written by Sophie’s point of view, so you won’t see other people’s point of view. However, there’s a sequel of this book called What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know which is written by a boy’s point of view. I can’t say who that boy is, but you’ll see after reading What My Mother Doesn’t Know.

I recommend this book more to girls, because girls understand Sophie’s feelings more than boys. However, if you are a boy and want to read this, no problem! It may help you understand how girl’s feelings.

What this book taught me is “don’t judge people by their looks”. It’ll all make sense after reading What My Mother Doesn’t Know.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions! I’ll love to answer them.


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