Posted by: kawanu | December 1, 2011

Vioces from Mixed-race People

How would you feel if you were asked “what are you”? I think most of the people would take it as an insult, because it seems like you aren’t being seen as human. However this is a phrase many of the mixed-race people have experienced being asked.

ixed-race people have gone through many unpleasant experiences other than this. For example often being guessed where his/her parents are from because of their rare skin color. These questions have made some of them become tired of explaining their difficult family blood.

The book I would like to introduce is “What Are You?” by Pearl Fuyo Gaskins. Pearl Gaskins has grown up as a child of a Japanese-American mother and a European-American father and have struggled through her life. From her experiences she determined to write this book to encourage many children that are having similar problems like her. The book has many voices from people all around the world Pearl Gaskins interviewed.

I think it is so sad that these people have lost the strength to explain their identity, which is something that expresses you. Also it is wrong that a world you can’t be confident with yourself has been created.

This book is very interesting to read for any age. This might make you consider your own behavior towards the mixed-race people often, and you can learn many from the mixed-race people’s voices you have never heard before. I would recommend this book especially to those who are mixed-race because I think some of the stories would relate to your experiences.

I hope many people would read this book and feel something from it.


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