Posted by: reinak | December 1, 2011

How would you define “life”?

How would you define “life”? In this book, Tuesdays with Morrie, the author Mitch Albom shares his valuable lectures from his former college professor Morrie Schuwartz on life.

Morrie has ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a disease which will eventually cause death. 15 years afterwards, Mitch is notified that death is creeping towards his former mentor he hadn’t spoken to for a while. He decides to go see Morrie, to take the last lessons in Morrie’s home on Tuesdays. Each week, they talk about different topics of life, such as the world, forgiveness, facing death, and facing the fear of aging.

Morrie is an amazing teacher. Unlike the majority, he is not afraid to speak out his true feelings and relying on his family. As Morrie’s ALS proceeds, he is unable to go to the bathroom by himself. Normally, people would be embarrassed, or maybe even humiliated of their weakness, but Morrie wasn’t. He was content and thankful that he was surrounded by his family and friends who cared about him, and loved him no matter how fast he declined.

This book teaches you a valuable and unforgettable lesson from Morrie Schuwartz on the essentials of life. It also makes you realize the importance of having caring people around you, and that it’s something that should be appreciated, not taken for granted. I recommend this book if you want something engrossing, philosophical, or simply touching. Read this book and I guarantee it will change your perspective on life.


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