Posted by: 3saki | December 1, 2011

Three imperfect people. One perfect plan.

Come up with a plan to change the world for the better, and do it. If this was your extra-credit homework what would you do? Would you choose to do it or not. If you do, what would be your plan? 

This book, pay it forward starts out with a twelve-year-old boy, Trevor getting extra-credit homework from his new social studies teacher. Trevor’s plan was to choose three people and do them a BIG favor. Not just one you can do for anybody but one that would change their life. Then when they ask to pay back Trevor would tell them to pay it forward. So the three would choose another three different people and do them a big favor and tell them to pay it forward.    

 I think Trevor’s idea is really fascinating. If it works out it will really help a lot of people. You know that the plan would stop somewhere because not everyone is nice and honest. Some people would not pay it forward but this story makes you think that maybe it is possible. And that Trevor’s plan might work. I think that the author wants to tell that even though it might be a small change but one person; even a twelve-year-old can make a difference.

 Each chapter is spoken by a different character so you won’t get tired. It is really interesting so once you read it you can’t put the book down.


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