Posted by: fuyumi | December 1, 2011

The city with a black sky

The City of Ember is the first book of in the Books of Ember series, written by Jeanne DuPrau. The two main characters Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow are born and raised in the city of Ember, an underground city running out of power and supplies. The two are graduating from school and are getting new jobs, because getting a job when graduating is a rule in ember, but they both get unexpected ones. Lina loves running and wanted to become a mail deliverer but got a job of pipework, and Doon loves pipework but became a mail deliverer. By exchanging their jobs, they become close friends.The city was built long ago by the “builders”, and the two find out about the secrets they have left.

The story was very pulling, although the English wasn’t hard and the story was dark. I felt that the two characters were realistic than any other book, maybe because they were about the same age as I was when I read the book. I really liked the scene when Lisa’s little sister colored the sky in her drawing with blue crayons, even though she had never seen the sky on the ground. I also liked the description of the scene when Lina is running very fast through the city, because it expressed how much she loves running very clearly.

The book was a great page-turner, and the story itself is short and thrilling so I recommend this book to everyone. On the other hand, it takes time to get to the thrilling part and you have to think about the clues that are given, so the introduction part might be kind of boring. However I loved this book, so I strongly recommend this book to everyone. The City of Ember has become a movie, and this looks nice too!


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