Posted by: minoringo | December 1, 2011

The Book You Should Read Next


        Have you decided what to read next? If you haven’t, you should definitely grab this book, Among the Hidden. This is one of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. A lot of my friends have read this book, and they also liked it pretty much.

       This book takes place in the future world, because the author, Margaret Peterson Haddix describes a law that prohibits families to have more than two children, which haven’t made yet. Luke is the third child, who is not allowed to exist, so he stays hidden inside his house. But one day, he finds out that there was another third child in his neighbor. Unlike Luke, she was very outgoing. She teaches Luke about the outside world, which Luke hardly knows. Luke never knew that there were a lot more third children like Luke and her in the world. And she also tells him about the rally of the shadow kids to try to overthrow the Population Law.

       This book really makes you get into the story. It really makes me appreciate that I am not the person who is not supposed to exist. This is a short novel and doesn’t have much difficult vocabularies, so this is very easy to read. Also, it is a great and exciting story that you can’t put it down!



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