Posted by: okumuradifc | December 1, 2011

Taking a Rest

Do you feel like taking a rest on your big thick book?

Holes by Louis Sachar is a short easy book that everyone can read. The pace in the book is very fast, so it’s easy to understand. If you feel like taking a little rest on your big book and read something easy, this is a book just for you.

This book is about Stanley Yelnats, a boy who is overweight possibly in middle school. He was being picked on at school, by Derrick Dunne, a class bully. However, he is not easily depressed and always looks on the brighter side of life. He was suspected that he committed crime of stealing a famous basketball player’s shoes. He had the choice to either go to jail or go to this camp in a middle of the desert to dig holes all day. Stanley chooses to go to this camp, and this story is about how Stanley builds his character up, and how this camp relates to something which will make his life much better.

There are some flash backs which goes back to the past, and fear that you might get confused, but I guarantee you that you won’t.

You will surely enjoy the book and would make you want to read Small Steps, where the story is set after Holes but with a different character.



  1. Actually, I liked _Small Steps_ a lot better than _Holes_, so I was happy to see that you recommened it. I thought the character of Armpit was more interesting than Stanley, and I also liked the girl he becomes friends with and their relationship. It is a great example of two very different people bringing out the best in each other, and what more can we ask from each other than that?
    Both of these books are in the C.C.! Look in 933 Sa for Sachar!

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