Posted by: tiriel | December 1, 2011

Life can change…with a ghost’s help!

Want a new friend? How about an invisible friend only YOU can see or hear?

Lara Lington holds a headhunting business with her business partner Natalie. However, her work is going down, because Natalie had gone on a vacation to Goa, leaving everything behind on Lara. How about love? Lara was dumped by her boyfriend Josh without knowing the reason and Lara can’t forget about him. With her active imagination she thinks that Josh still really loves her, but had to break up for some reason that he couldn’t do anything about it. She is thought of as a crazy girl by her parents.

So, Lara’s life is miserable. Her life is even miserable for going to a funeral of her 105 years old great-aunt that she have never met in her life. However at the funeral, a mighty spirit of Lara’s great aunt appears and begs Lara to find her necklace!

Sadie is the ghost’s name, and her appearance is a young girl in her twenties. Lara thinks she had gone crazy, for only she could see or hear her. Sadie pulls out many troubles, but as they get along Lara’s life makes a great change from miserable to glamorous, such as…..having Josh’s love back to her life!

An invisible friend won’t be something you could have in a normal life. However, Lara and Sadie’s friendship is something that everyone would want. The way they are humorous, caring, and understanding makes you feel how friends are important in your life. If you would like a little shine in your life, this story leaves you warmth in your heart.

This novel is written by the author Sophie Kinsella, famous for her various chick-lit novels, especially the Shopaholic series. If you have read her other books, Twenties Girl is just as humorous and full with adventures and romances as her other novels!

I recommend this to girls who like light-reading comical story, but includes adventure and romance, and makes you unable to stop your fingers to turn the page! This book makes you feel how facing forward and doing crazy things can sometimes (not always!) change your life in a great way.


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