Posted by: 9mmParabellumBullet | December 1, 2011

If you like mystery books…

If you like mystery books, you might have picked this book up at least once. It’s called “Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Conan Doyle. It’s one of the most famous mystery books written in the 1930’s.

This story is about a detective named “Sherlock Holmes” and his assistant Dr. Watson. Mainly, the book is written in Dr. Watson’s view point, so as a reader you would feel as if you’re in the position of Watson. I like the style of Sherlock Holmes series because it’s written in the position of who is not actually solving the mystery. Dr. Watson tries to solve the mystery on his own way with the same evidence that is given to the readers, which is a factor in this book that I think it makes people attractive to read on!

This book’s reading level is bit high, because it’s written in old English literature and also in Britten English. But as a reader, I didn’t find those factors getting in to the way of reading! So I strongly recommend this book, if you like reading mystery books, or even if you’re not interested in reading them, I would recommend to you since it’s a very well thought-out story!


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