Posted by: chuckiterunner3D17 | December 1, 2011

Above and Beyond _The Kite Runner_

Without doubt, The Kite Runner is one of the most memorable books in Doshisha International high school 12th grader’s high school life in many ways. The book that I want to introduce is called The Outsiders. This book is Newbury Award Winner, and the story of this book has strong story that surpasses the drama in Afghanistan.

This story is about the teenage gangsters in 1960s America. These teenagers are not completely mature. They make mistakes, and as the events go by, teenagers are learning the real meaning to be mature. The setting is very different from our environment and unrealistic, but the way characters feel is very sympathetic. In the end they realize that their conflicts are all useless, but by then, they lose many important things. The message that author wants to tell to us is that we are young, and we act many mistakes, but we have to think and be like a true mature adult before we lose something.

If you are tired of listening or learning about the history of Middle East, you must read this masterpiece. This will be a book that will be widely known for centuries. (Seriously!)



  1. I thought your entry was very cleverly worded. (Almost as good as the one that suggests we “rest on that big, thick book” we are reading. See if you can find it!)
    In any case, your teachers hope you learned a lot this year.
    The author, Hinton, is a very interesting person. You might want to read up on her sometime.
    Please try to go to bed at an earlier time now that you don’t have to study for exams!

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