Posted by: dihsyurika | December 1, 2011

A True Over-comer

 This book is a memoir about a girl named Jaycee Dugard (the author) getting kidnapped and captured, imprisoned for eighteen years. The title is A Stolen Life.

Jaycee was an ordinary girl going to school. That day was the same too. As she was on the way to the place where the school bus arrives, she suddenly gets kidnapped by a man. His name is Phillip. Phillip kidnapped Jaycee and kept her in a little shed kind of thing in his backyard for eighteen years long.

This book tells about the life of Jaycee; how she spent her days, how she felt, how she felt about Phillip, everything. It tells about everything that happened in the stolen eighteen years. She got abused physically, mentally, and most of all sexually. She had two kids with Phillip and raises them in the shed. You can see how she accepts her situation and overcomes that.

I don’t recommend this book to everyone, but I think that people should know that things like this are happening in the world just now. I think you need a lot of courage to write this book and have flashbacks of the things that happened, so for this reason, I think you should read this book to respect her feelings.



  1. I am really glad you reviewed this book because it needs to be brought to people’s attention.
    There are others who have experienced “stolen lives” by being unjustly imprisoned. The book The Innocents is a collection of photographs of people who spent years in US jails, some on death row, and were later found innocent and released. Here is a link to the book on Amazon:
    Copy and paste it into your browser to view it. There is a copy in the C.C. It has a short blurb about each person. It is really worth looking at once!
    Of course, their situation and Dugard’s is completely different.
    If you are interested in child trafficking, Grennan’s book Little Princes about his work with the orphan children of Nepal, is truly moving. There are things that regular people like you and me can do to help these kids! Link:
    This book is also in the C.C. and is a wonderful true story! Enjoy!

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