Posted by: hikaru1268 | November 30, 2011

When you can’t resist that one thing

              Have you ever passed by a shop, caught a glimpse of that “something” in the shop windows and ended up spending the whole day thinking about it in raptures? Perhaps you came back the next day, impulsively snatched that “something” off the shelf, pulled out all that was in your purse and found yourself walking home with it clutched in your hands. You will be sitting at home afterwards, cutting off the price tag, not daring yourself to look at the sum of money you had spent. We all have these kinds of experiences once in a while. However, for Becky Bloomwood this is her life itself. Her life simply revolves around “shopping”.

              This book, Confessions of a Shopaholic, is the first story from the well-known Shopaholic series and it is told by Becky. It is not written in a diary structure or a mere stating of the events in her life but we hear her frantic thoughts and feel the panic with her as she slowly pulls out a thin layer of paper out of the envelope. I could not help marvelling at how much thoughts could whiz through her head in one slick motion of “pulling out a bill from an envelope”. It is utterly hilarious when she comes to the conclusion that, surely, some rotten criminal had stolen her credit card and put it back in her bag after he or she had used it. When the truth finally dawns on her that it was no one but herself who had spent all that money, she justifies herself that buying “that beautiful rug” at thirty percent off was actually “saving” money.

              Becky is helpless and disastrous, no doubt. However, she can be quick-witted, funny and she is impossible not to love. I have never in my life read such a quick paced novel and one that makes you laugh so much. I guarantee that reading this will motivate you to just go out and shop and be positive about it!


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