Posted by: masaya2 | November 30, 2011

Two Good-Byes in One Day

​We’ve all had those times at some point in our lives when we had to be separated from our closest friends. I’m sure most of the students at Doshisha International had gone through that to come to this school. However, the separation from friends that Ponyboy in The Outsiders had gone through wasn’t just a normal good-bye.

​Two rival gangs appear in this novel: the lower-class Greasers and the upper-class Socs. The main character is Ponyboy, a Greaser. He has a brother named Darry, who acts as a parent for him but is always tough on him. One night, a Greaser named Johnny kills a drunk Soc named Bob with a switchblade to save Ponyboy from being drowned to death by Bob. The two run away to hide in an abandoned church. However, the church catches on fire several days later, and Johnny gets severely injured. When Johnny and Ponyboy were in a hospital getting treated, Ponyboy realizes from seeing Darry cry so much that despite his attitude towards him, all he wants is for Ponyboy to have a good future. However, these events are followed by a tragic death of a Greaser. The death depresses another Greaser, who commits suicide. Please read the book to find out these tragic good-byes that change Ponyboy’s life completely.

​As I’m sure many people know from experience, nobody likes being separated from our closest friends. At the age of fourteen, Ponyboy had to go through two in one day, both of which were caused by their tragic deaths, which isn’t something many people experience. When I read this book in sixth grade, I realized for the first time how thankful I should be for having so many friends who are always around when I need them. I’m sure that all the readers felt the same way, and for those who haven’t read it yet, I recommend this book to you because it’ll surely change the way you think about your friends and teach you how thankful everyone should be for having friends to talk to and laugh with every day.


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