Posted by: chikichiki | November 30, 2011

The Dog that Brings Peace Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to read a book that’s about an animal which isn’t for children book? This book I am going to talk about, isn’t hard to read, and is a real page turner.

The title of this book is Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo. What make you think when you hear this title?

It made me think what I was born to do. Or is there anything I need to do through my life? This book doesn’t talk about that kind of thick-headed things so please don’t worry. This book starts off with a view-point of a person called Patrick. He meets the dog by rescuing a sac which is drawn in the river and picks the smallest one and calls it Best Mate. Here, the dog already brought peace to someone. Patrick didn’t have many friends, so Best Mate was his only friend.  Then, the dog gets looked after by two other people and never returning to the partner before them.

What I found most interesting was when one chapter ends, the prospective also changes. There is even a chapter of the dog! It is so good to hear how dogs are thinking along with the people around it.

This is a fiction book but this is more than just a story.  I would really recommend this book to everyone. It is such a wonderful book because when you finish reading, your heart will be refreshed and it makes you want to read again. Again, it’s not long and it’s not difficult so I think everyone will enjoy it.


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