Posted by: keitaro4 | November 30, 2011

The Dark Side

Have you ever thought of becoming a vampire who lives by killing the human and drinking the human blood? If not do you want to experience the excitement of being a vampire? If you say ‘yes’, well this book is perfect for you! Maybe by the end of the book, you might want to become one of them…

The story starts off with a main character called Darren and his friend Steve playing at school. Then one day Darren and Steve find a poster about freak show, and decide to go there. After the freak show he meets a man called Mr. Crepsly who was in the Freak show. As the story goes on Darren had to become a half-vampire to save his best friend Steve. He goes through so many difficulties but he can’t go back… It’s too late, he made the choice.

After reading this book it made me wonder if I would have chosen the choice that Darren took. I though it must have been so hard to throw away everything in your life to save his friend.

 I really recommend this to everyone. It’s such a realistic story, so even the people who doesn’t like fantasy books, you can still enjoy it!


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