Posted by: ryonaldo11 | November 30, 2011

The ‘dark side’ of a beautiful sport

About everything that exist on this planet have a well-known ‘surface’. On the other hand, these things sometimes have the reverse side; a dark aspect.

Football (Soccer) is a beautiful sport. The ‘population’ of Football is indeed the largest of all sports. The FIFA World Cup is said to be the biggest sports tournament along with the Olympics. It is a sport that gives people amusement, inspiration, and even bravery.

However, even in such a beautiful sport, a dark aspect exists. It is match-fixing.

Match-fixing is the act of deciding the result and carrying out the fixed match before the match is played against the rules. The Fix is about the details and the reality of match-fixing in Football.

By reading The Fix, the reader can understand that match-fixing is not a rare thing in Football, or in any other sport. The shocking fact is that matches even in the World Cup were fixed in the past. One example is Ghana against Brazil in the 2006 FIFA World Cup (Germany). In other games, not only the scores of the matches, but the goal scorers, the total number of yellow and red cards, and the total score of the two teams were fixed. The Fix clearly explains how the ‘betting market’ is connected to these match-fixing issues, and how mafia and gangsters control this market.

I recommend The Fix firstly to people who love Football. I believe that a true Football fan must know the ‘dark side’ of the sport. However, I also recommend this book to readers who are not Football fans in particular. This book can simply be enjoyed as the brave story of Declan Hill. Hill had to talk to talk to mafia and gangsters to perform his research. His bravery must be credited, and therefore, this book can be partly enjoyed as the ‘biography’ of Declan Hill.

I hope you enjoy this fantastic book!


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