Posted by: aznhapibuni | November 30, 2011

Stranded on an Island

     Imagine. Your ship goes down from a torpedo, you are separated from your mother, and you are left with a stranger that doesn’t speak English well. As if this wasn’t bad enough, you are left blind from a blow to the head. 

     In the book “The Cay” by Theodore Taylor, Philip Enright went through all of this. When World War II broke out, he and his mother left Curacao and went to Miami to escape from the war. While on the ship, the ship was torpedoed and a blow to the head left Philip blind.  When he woke up, he was left with a black man named Timothy, and a cat on a stranded island. At first Philip doesn’t even try to do anything because he can’t see and is racist against black people. They spend two months together and through the two months, Philip starts to rely on Timothy. 

     I came to this book when I was in elementary school. We had to read this book, but I couldn’t stop reading and finished the book in two days. It is a really old book that was published in 1969, but it was easy to read and made me want to know what happens to Philip and Timothy. I recommend this book to people who doesn’t like hard stories.


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