Posted by: murao2 | November 30, 2011

“Realistic Fantasy”

The Alchemyst is written by one of Ireland’s most successful author Michael Scott. The story starts with Josh and Sophie seeing Nicholas Flamel and Perry, who are the owner of the book store using magic from a mysterious man named John Dee. Josh and Sophie found out that Nicholas and Perry wasn’t a bookseller, but an ancient alchemist from 1330’s. Nicholas and Perry were protecting the book called the Codex because in order to be immortal, they needed the book. But John Dee stole the book and if Nicholas and Perry didn’t get the book back, they will age rapidly and die before the end of the month. Also if the book is in the hands of John Dee, he will summon the Dark Elders who would destroy the world and return to an age which only humans are slaves and food. Josh and Sophie are now involved in saving the world from being destroyed and Nicholas finds out that they might be the twin which said in the Codex to save the world from danger.

This fantasy is different from most of the fantasy novels since all the characters are real historical characters that really were alive except for Josh and Sophie. Also the setting of the book is real places that are actually in the world right now plus the story is based on mythology which I promise you will become interested in. If you were bored with fantasy books, then you should read the “realistic fantasy” book which is so easy to visualize when you are reading and can see how the ordinary twin overcomes the terrible ordeal that occurred to them in some daily life.


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