Posted by: yukik69 | November 30, 2011

Moves to the U.S. due to her father’s new job…

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson is one of my favorite books. It is written by Bette Bao Lord. The main character is a Chinese girl named Shirley Temple. It takes place in the United States in 1940s. In the beginning of the story, Shirley moves to the United States due to her father’s new job. In the year of the Boar, Shirley starts going to the new school. She was born and lived in China and had never been abroad, so she has trouble making friends at first. She frequently makes mistakes when speaking English. In China, bowing is considered as a way of showing respect, she often bows to her classmates. These make it even more difficult to talk with her new classmates.

One day, Shirley meets a baseball player, Jackie Robinson. Although this book is fiction, he is a real person. He is an African-American, and his ancestor was brought to the United States as a slave. However, Jackie Robinson became a hero and famous in the U.S. Shirley also admires him and she starts playing baseball, which gives her chance to fit in with her classmates.

This is always my favorite book. When I first moved to the United States, I had the same experience as Shirley. My English teacher recommended me this book so that I can enjoy reading in English and learn English. I read this book recently, and it reminded me of my life in the United States! This book is short and very easy to read, but I would definitely recommend this book to people who had lived abroad.


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