Posted by: knkn15wr | November 30, 2011

Here comes a hero!

     In 2005, most tragedy incident happened in USA. Some people might remember if you lived in America. A hurricane called Katrina destroyed most of the city called New Orleans,Louisiana. Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes in the American history. Thousands of people died, lost their families, houses and many things. What New Orleans needed a hero. 

     A famous football player named Drew Brees, who plays for the New Orleans Saints, was and still is the hero of New Orleans. This book called Coming Back Stronger, a memoir, talks about his life in pro league. When he was first drafted, he was drafted by San Diego Chargers. He plays Quarterback and he wanted to play for the team that can make it to Super bowl. He had many difficulties to go through, like he dislocated his shoulder and was unable to play. As he came back and played, the Chargers were not able to make the playoffs. Drew wanted to play for the team that he can still believe in. Then, he was traded to the New Orleans Saints and that’s how his life started to change. After he went to Saints, Katrina hits Orleans. He and his teammates donated money to the people who lost their homes. It’s not just that, he donated money to children who has cancer and the people who has other diseases. Then the year has come. In 2010, the Saints made it to the playoffs and climbed up all the way to the Super Bowl against the Indianapolis Colts. The Saints won the super bowl and Drew Brees was the MVP of the game. He was the hero in the game, but also hero in New Orleans.

     This book can make you realized how important it is to help others who needs help. I was very impressed by after reading this wonderful book. One day when I grow up, I want to become like Drew and do the things like what he did.

     I recommend this book to the people who like football and the people who are interested in memoir. If you like football, this book will be perfect. Even though, if you don’t like football, I think you can still enjoy it and learn the importance of life.


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