Posted by: amatsu2 | November 30, 2011

“He fell in love. It was his life.”

Nicole Krauss’s second novel, The History of Love is a beautiful story which makes you think about love.

This story is told from several different narrators. An old man, Leo Gursky is afraid of dying unnoticed. Decades before, when he was living in Poland, he fell in love with a girl named Alma. However, because of the war, they were separated and Leo spends his time looking for the connection between Alma. At the present, there is a 14-year-old girl who is also called Alma, named after a character in her mother’s favorite book, The History of Love. To find a cure for her widowed mother’s loneliness, Alma starts to search about the truth of the book.  Leo and Alma do not know each other, but only one book connects them and changes their lives.

This is a sad, funny and unforgettable story with unique characters. The author uses different styles of writing for each narrator, and it makes the novel more interesting. It has strong messages and a twisted ending, so it leaves the readers think deeper about the story. I highly recommend this book, and I bet you will enjoy it. When you finish reading it, you might know what it means to love, and to be loved.


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