Posted by: iceman151710 | November 30, 2011

Does social class matter? Make the Change.

Need a book to read? Don’t have an interesting book?
lose interest in the book half way through?

This book will answer all of those questions. The Outsiders is written by the famous writer called S.E.Hinton. She wrote this book while she was still in high school and published it in University. When she was in high school she had seen a lot of dangerous events going on around her, and then found out that she wanted to tell everyone about the problems faced in her area.

The Outsiders is set in Oklahoma in America. Here there were two social groups or statuses, one was the rich one (Socs, short for Socials) who could do everything and not get told off for it. The other side was the poor guys(Greasers) who didn’t have parents and lived a life with survival. The protagonist in this book is a boy called Ponyboy. He confronts the problems between the two social classes himself, and he is also the one who connects the two near the end of the novel. Ponyboy soon becomes the hero in the town even though he is a Greaser. In the book are lots of interesting events, and the plot has a fast pace to it, so you wont have the problem of getting bored with it.

S.E.Hinton is a women but she writes in a teenage boys point of view. This is because she hanged around with boys a lot. I think in this book you can find a boys narrative with a girl’s way of thinking, which is really interesting. So I can recommend this to boys and girls. I would say this book is for Young Adults, but I would suppose adults will enjoy reading this too.

This book can teach you a lot of things, it has the answers to how to live a better life and how you could solve your problems thorough life. I suppose you can connect it to yourself whatever kind of person you are.

So if your finding a book that is interesting and easy to read, I can recommend you this book. The Outsider.


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