Posted by: yui1120 | November 30, 2011

Diary of a Teenage Girl

Go Ask Alice

This book is a diary written by a teenage girl named Alice. It talks about her and her teenage life. Alice had a normal life, but she didn’t like her school, family, or her town, so when she heard that they were moving, she was so excited.

Alice enjoys her life after she moves, but it all changed when one day, she got tricked into drugs. She got addicted to it, and everything changed. Drugs changed her a lot, and she even ran away from home and started living with her friend who was also addicted to drugs, and lived with only little money and food. She tried and promised that she wouldn’t do drugs anymore, but she fails many times.

This book really shows how easy it is to lose everything to drugs. It also shows that there is still hope, even if you fail. This book taught me the importance of family and friends. This book is easy to read because it’s in diary form, so I recommend this book to everyone especially people around high school age.


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