Posted by: i am tinkerbell | November 29, 2011

Who Are You?

What would you do if you lost all of your memories?

What if you’ve forgotten some of your family, your friends, and the ones you love out of your memory? One girl lost four years of her memory just because she lost the coin toss. Her name is Naomi Porters.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac tells a story about a girl, Naomi, who became an amnesiac. You might think losing memories are terrible and make your life miserable. For her, it wasn’t all negative things. She saw things different and realized what was right from wrong. She also learned how to live your one and only life the way she wanted, to be truthful and to believe in not only someone but herself.

Naomi was in a high school yearbook club with her co- editor, Will, which was also her best friend. Two of them did a coin toss to decide who is going to the other school building to get a camera they had forgotten. When she lost the coin toss and on the way back to the club with the camera, it slipped out of her hands… and she dove off the stairs to save it. Then she woke up in an ambulance. When she woke up, a guy named James was sitting next her and said he was her boyfriend when he really wasn’t. Naomi already had a boyfriend, Ace, who was a popular guy at the school and was also a good tennis player. And there’s her father who had divorced with her mother, who’s now married to another man. All these people tell her who she is and who she was, but none of that makes her feel right.

This story is not only about a girl and a boy falling in love. It’s about a girl searching for her identity, making the choices with confidence, and most importantly being herself. Ignore what people say and what they say who you are. You are you and no one can go and assume who you are.

I recommend this to everyone, boys and girls, because even though the main character is a girl, there’s a guy’s points of views, and I think learning about a girl’s feelings might be interesting to read. This book is truly a page turner. Once you start reading it, it won’t let you put it down.

There is also a Japanese movie based on this story even though the book is in English. The film was played in 2010 and it was called “Some one kissed me” in Japanese. If you’re interested, I would recommend watching the film after reading the book so you can compare and contrast them.


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