Posted by: 3-B-1 | November 29, 2011

What is life? What is death?


Are you stuck in your life or concerned about something? If you are, then try Tuesdays with Morrie written by Mitch Albom. When you finish this book, it will give courage and hope to you.

In the beginning of this book, author visits his college teacher Morrie, who was facing death because of ALS. Author went to see him to get lessons about life, death, love, and other stuffs since he was stuck in his life. Morrie agrees to give him lessons on Tuesday’s, like they did when they were young. Every lesson he taught had a strong message and moved authors and also us, readers, emotion. I thought it was interesting to hear an opinion from the person who was facing death, because that person has a different point of view which is the point of view from the death. What happens to you if you face death? What do you think after you face death? Those questions are answered throughout this book. I have never seen people die around me, so this book was really fresh to me.

Morrie leaves an interesting quote which is

“once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”

This quote shocked me since I never thought of looking “life” from the view of “death”. We all want to avoid death and want to ignore that fact since we are scared of it. We don’t exactly know what “death” really means, so we try to avoid it. But Morrie is teaching us that we can only learn “life” from experiencing “death”. I never thought of life or death before so this quote made me think of my life.

Since it is a fast paced book and easy read, I would like to recommend this book to all of you, especially to the ones who are depressed now. Our time is limited so we should look forward and live our life.


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