Posted by: mg623 | November 29, 2011

What a boy did to change the city

    The book Maniac Magee is about the discrimination between black people and white people. The main character, Jeffery Lionel Magee is a white boy who lost his parents by a trolley accident. After that, his uncle and aunt raised him up. Since the environment does not suit him, he decides to escape from their house and look for his new home. Then he meets a black girl, Amanda in the city called Two Mills which is divided into two regions. In the East End is where the black people lived and in the West End is where the white people lived. Although Amanda’s family invited him to stay at their house, Jeffery starts to feel uncomfortable living with them, because the neighbors were opposing to let white people live in the region where only the black people lived. They start to hurt Jeffery and Amanda’s family by writing horrible things on the garage and exclude them from the society. From this, Jeffery decides to leave the house.

    Later in the story, Jeffery is called Maniac from others. He became famous in town for running fast, football, baseball, and untying a knot fast. However, he prefers to be called by his real name since it is the only thing that his parents had left for him. From the beginning to the end of the book, Jeffery struggles to find his identity, since he does not have a real family and a place for him to stay. He even sleeps in the park and in the zoo for few days until someone came to let him stay in the house. Each time Jeffery moves into a new house, the part of the book changes to another.

     After reading this book, I felt happy to have a place to go back, which Maniac never had. It is ordinary for me to go back to my house and my family waiting for me to come back. From reading this book you might realize the importance of your family.


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