Posted by: a1su18mi | November 29, 2011

Unforgettable Love

Do you like love stories or friendship stories?

I’d like to introduce this book Dear John by  Nicholas Sparks.

The main character John grew up in a motherless family, and lived with his dad.

After he graduated from high school, he entered the army. He wasn’t in a good relationship with his father, and he wasn’t interested in anything until he meets a girl named Savannah. John meets Savannah while he was temporarily out of the army, and they soon fell in love, and meet each other every day.John and Savannah always thought about each other, and they were a very pure, good couple.  However, since John is in the army, he had to go back to the army in few weeks.

John and Savannah send letters and called each other, but John starts to feel that something in Savannah’s heart is changing as the time goes on.

Then, the terrible 9.11 happened. John wanted to meet Savannah, but he decides to choose to fight for the country. At the time, John never even thought about what was going to happen.

 Few months before he went back, he received a letter from Savannah that made his life change forever. No one was expecting this to happen after they were madly in love for more than 2 years. And many other problems made him feel even worse.

There were a lot of things John had to get over, and it is just too cruel for one innocent, young man.

 This book is a very pure love story and it makes you want to read more and more as you read it. All of the characters that come out in the story play a very important role in the story.

The book teaches you the importance of the relationship with your family, lovers, and friends. And also that life won’t always be the way you want it to be. Sometimes life is unfair and it can beat you down, but there will sure be a day you recover from it.

I recommend this book to people who like love story and friendship stories.

The reading level is not high at all, so I am sure everyone will be able to enjoy it.


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