Posted by: dihskoji | November 29, 2011

Uncover the secrets of the city…

Darren Shan is one of my favorite authors, and I have read many of his books. He has written books about Vampires and Demons, but this book I read is very different from his other books. It is called “The Procession of the Dead”, and it is the first book of the series of “The City”. I would say it is fantasy with some elements of mystery.

It is about a man called Capac Raimi, in the city where the notorious Cardinal has a great power over. The city is filled with gangs and they fight all the time. Capac comes to the city as an heir of a gang, but he does not remember anything before coming to the city. As he searches for his true identity in the city, he uncovers many of the city’s secrets and crosses path with the Cardinal and the deadly assassin Paucar Wami. He also makes an encounter to a mysterious woman who is somehow related to Capac’s past.

Capac goes through many creepy incidents and I found it very exciting to read. The book is full of unique characters and it is fun to find out how they are related as you read the book. I couldn’t stop reading to find out about the secret of Capac and the mysterious incidents in the city.

I recommend this to everyone who enjoys fantasy, mystery, or very thrilling stories. The story points out a very interesting irony at the end. It isn’t very difficult to read, but you would find it very difficult to stop reading once you start! So I hope you all enjoy this book!


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