Posted by: maomaon | November 29, 2011

To Forget?? To Regret?? To stick with it!!

What will feel like if your best friend suddenly dies in front of you??

What will you do if that Best Friend suddenly appears as a ghost.

Vicky Angel is a book written by Jaqueline Wilson.

Vicky is a very active girl and her best friend Jade is a shy girl. Jade always agree with Vicky in the end even if her opinion is different but one day, when they were talking about their next year’s elective class, their opinions didn’t match and for this time Jade sticks up with her own opinion so they had a fight. Vicky got angry and she tried to run off without looking in front of her. That was the end of her life. She was hit by a car and because of her internal injuries she died. Jade attends Vicky’s funeral and now she does not know what to do, feeling lonely, guilt and sadness. However an hour a later Vicky appears in front of Jade as a ghost. Jade is the only one who can see or hear her. Jade tries to make new friends and tries to get used to the life without Vicky but as she can see and hear Vicky as a ghost, it does not go well at all. As Jade goes to see a counselor and hears how to forget about Vicky, she feels a little better but she still can’t because of the guilt she still has inside her. Jade tries to commit suicide. But…..


I love this book since I was young. This is a very deep story about friendship and you being independent from what you were not used to. Tears, laughter are both entertained in this story and in the end you will definitely be moved to tears. I hope everyone will like it.


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