Posted by: yurinipponuk | November 29, 2011

The most thrilling book ever

I would like to recommend one of the Cross series book by James Patterson.

The title is Four Blind Mice. The story is set in America and it’s based on the dirty aspects in terms of the American army.

Alex Cross is the main character who works as a CIA agent. He attempts to solve the last murder case before his retirement. However, the case was more complicated than what he has expected.   An innocent  man from the army was suspected as a murderer.  He struggles to find out smart criminals and why they are trying to frame the man while another killing happens by the same criminals.   

The interesting points about this book are not only the trick used in murder and historical facts of the army but also the fact that criminals aren’t just the murderers. There are people behind the crime.

You learn how cruel and insane humans can be.

If you like mystery, thriller or action kinds of books, I am sure you will love this book!


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